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Our latest issue

Volume 7, Issue 2

December. 2022

Edited by: Sharon Tennyson, Cornell University

Online ISSN: 2508-3155

Print ISSN: ISSN 2508-464X

© International Academy of Financial Consumers

About the journal

The International Review of Financial Consumers (IRFC) is the first journal to publish solely the studies related to financial consumers. Its theoretical and empirical research focuses on the topics of financial products and services, regulations and supervision, institutions, and financial culture. The Journal’s research seeks to maintain an efficient and equitable financial market.


As the contribution of financial consumption becomes increasingly important to the national economy for most countries, ways to maintain an efficient and equitable financial market become an imminent issue for research. The trends of globalization and liberalization policies have reinforced the challenges in financial markets. Not only have the financial instruments become more complicated and hard to understand by the public, but also the frequent changes in regulations and business practices lead to confusion of the financial consumers. Consumption disputes regarding the financial products have drawn attention by the media in recent years.


The IRFC is issued by International Academy of Financial Consumers (IAFICO).


IRFC publishes rigorous and original research related to protection of financial consumers.

Find details about submitting papers, the review process, and more.

Call for Papers

IRFC currently promotes a Call for Papers:

  • Special Issue on Implications of COVID-19 for Financial Consumers. Deadline: March 31, 2023.

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Lyn Haralson and Christiana Stoddard

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Gianni Nicolini

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Brenda J. Cude

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