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Vol.2 No.1 (April)

Rationale, Past and Future of Financial Consumer Protection
/ Jung, Hong Joo
The Effectiveness of Microinsurance in Bangladesh
: Can It Sustain? / Mamun, Muhammad
Financial Consumers and Applicable Provisions a European and Italian Perspective / Senatore, Vincenzo
Insurance Market Development and Income Ineuqality
/ Lee, In Mu, Hong Joo Jung, and Patricia Born
Perspectives in Development Finance and Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) in the Philippines 
/ Madamba, Jeanette Angeline B. and Arnie-Gil DLR.Hordejan
The Good Practice in Marketing Microinsurance Product : Evidence from Indonesia / Rokhim, Rofikoh, Ruri Eka Fauziah Nasution, and Melia Retno Astrini

Vol.2 No.2 (October)

Development of Mutual Insurance in France : 1960-2017
/ Louisot, Jean-Paul
Financial Consumer Protection in the Household Lending Sector : An Assessment of the Korean Experience
/ Cho, Man, Seung Dong You, and Young Man Lee
Understanding Gen Y and Their Complaint Behavior towards Bank / Astrini, Melia Retno
The Willingness to Invest Under The New Compensation Limit of Investor Protection Fund in Capital Market : Evidence from Indonesia / Adawiyah, Wardatul
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