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The IRFC publishes rigorous and original research related to the protection of financial consumers. The Journal is issued by the International Academy of Financial Consumers (IAFICO). Research area includes but is not limited to the following topics:

1. Protection for financial consumers
2. Business ethics of financial institutions
3. Market discipline of financial industries
4. Corporate social responsibility of financial institutions
5. Renovation or innovation of law and regulations related to fina
ncial consumption
6. Public policies for financial consumption
7. Innovation or fair trading of financial products
8. Dispute resolution for financial consumption
9. Case studies of best practices for financial services or their consumption
10. International comparison of protection for financial consumers.


consumer, behavior, development, finance, insurance, income, microfinance, inclusion, market, stability, complaints, services, investor, protection, financial, regulation, corporate, responsibility, reputation, ethical, CSR

Submit a Manuscript

Please email full papers directly to the Editor, Dr. Sharon Tennyson, at Author name(s), affiliation and contact information must be provided in a separate title page.


All papers will be double blind reviewed and the acceptance decisions will be sent shortly after review. IAFICO shall publish the Journal twice a year. Papers submissions shall be accepted throughout the year.

Please, send a Manuscript submission form along with your paper

Author Guidelines


The IRFC is published twice a year, in April and in October. Paper submissions shall be accepted throughout the year. The Editorial Board will evaluate manuscripts in terms of research contribution to the field and the paper’s quality.



Publication Ethics

When authors submit their manuscripts to IRFC for publication consideration, they agree to abide by IRFC’s publication requirements. In particular, authors confirm that:

  • The manuscript is not under review for publication elsewhere and will not be submitted to another publication entity during the review period at IRFC.

  • The empirical results of the manuscript have not been previously published. 

  • The manuscript has not previously been submitted to IRFC for review.

  • Working papers, prior drafts or final versions of the submitted manuscripts posted on a website will be taken out of it during the review process for the purposes of blind review.

Submission of manuscripts previously presented at a conference or concurrently considered for presentation at a conference does not disqualify a manuscript from submission to IRFC.


Submission Fee

There is no fee for a submission of an article to the IRFC journal.

Preparing a Manuscript for Submission

  1. Papers must be submitted in Microsoft Word format. The structure of the work should be as suggested by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6 edition:

     - Title

     -Author's name and institutional affiliation

     -Author's note​

     - Abstract

     - Introduction

     - Method

     - Results 

     - Discussion

     - References

     - Appendices and supplemental materials.


    2. Manuscripts should be written as concisely as possible without sacrificing meaning and clarity. They should be

        no longer than 40 double-spaced pages with one-inch margins and Times New Roman 12-point font, including

        references, tables, figures and appendixes.


    3. Submitted papers should be in English, with grammar, spelling and punctuation thoroughly checked.

    4. Make sure lettering and sizing of your manuscript, as well as bullet points and numerals are uniform.

    5. The title page must include the title of the paper and an abstract of no more than 200 words. Indicate no more

        than seven key words after the abstract.

    6. Please provide author name(s) and contact information in a separate page.

    7. Sections, including introduction, should be numbered in Roman numerals. Subsection headings should be in

        letters, e.g. A, B, C.


    8. Tables must be typewritten, not in the form of pictures, and given Arabic numerals. They should have a

        descriptive name following the table number. Tables can be placed either after the text in the paper or in an

        appendix section, if too detailed.

    9. Figures must be given Arabic numbers as well and must not include any explanatory materials, which should

        instead be placed in the legend or caption. Captions should include a brief description of the figure. Please ensure

        that figures are of as high quality as possible.

   10. The last section of a paper should include main conclusions of the research.

   11. References should be placed at the end of the paper. All references must be in the style of American

       Psychological Association 6th edition, the basics of which can be found here. Make sure all in-text citations are

       presented in the reference list. The examples of reference entries are as follows:


        For monographs:

        Henderson, J. (2012). Health economics and policy (5th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning.


        For contributions to collective works:

        Leonidou, L. (Eds.). (2018). Advances in global marketing: A research anthology.


        For periodicals:

        Nam, S. (2006). A study on the causality between the insurance and economic growth, Korea Insurance Journal

        74, 169-197.



With any issues regarding the publication of your paper, please email the IRFC Editor, Professor Sharon Tennyson, at



Review Process

  • Initial review process

When a manuscript is first received, the editor makes a preliminary screening of a manuscript to assess whether it fits the criteria of IRFC's mission and publication principles.


  • Normal review process

For each manuscript that passes the initial review stage, the editor assigns one qualified reviewer from the IRFC's Editorial Board and one other qualified reviewer. All submissions will be blind reviewed. 

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