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Vol.5 No.1 (April)

How to Aviod Household Debt Overhang? An Analytical Framework and Analysis for India
/  Yoshoino, Naoyuki , and Prachi Gupta
Welfare implications of credit rationing for finance consumers: An empirical investigation on the case of the Korean residential mortgage sector
/ Park, Soojin, and Man Cho
Credible or Biased? An Analysis of Insurance Product Ratings in Germany
/ Born, Patricia A., Stephanie Muller, and Sharon Tennyson

Vol.5 No.2 (October)

Policy Framework for Financial Consumer Protection in Korea: Focusing on the Financial Consumer Protection Act of 2020
/ Ko, Dongwon
Consumer financial well-being in South Africa's Twin Peaks regulatory regime: from measurement to confidence in outcomes
/ Schmulow, Andrew
Policy framework for Financial Consumer Protection: What we know vs. What we do not know - The Indian Experience
/ Basu, Sankarshan
Financial Education in the United States
/ Cude, Brenda J.
Why Would Overconfidence Generate Lower Performance? Insights from an Experimental Study
/ Boyer, M. Martin, Laurence Dumon, Jerome Martin, and Pierre-Majorique Leger
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